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Name that song
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Here's an IT song for you. The original title has been redacted. What was the original name of the song? Wrap the title in flag format, all lowercase. Any special characters and spaces should be replaced with an underscore. If the song's name was "Never Gonna Give You Up", type irisctf{never_gonna_give_you_up}.


I did not change the contents of the song, I only removed the title. If you find a song that sounds similar but not exactly the same, it's not the same song!

By: nope
Host Issues
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The flag's right there, but I think it's kinda stuck. Please help me.

By: sera

Another song for you - this time in mod format - but no instrument names for you to search up. Same flag format as last challenge.

Originally depends on: Name that Song 2

By: nope
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obligatory unrealistic sandbox escape challenge!!!!!!! server runs python:3.11.1 docker!!!!!

By: sera
Example Jail
500 Points

My flag is protected by sick nsjail tech. I'm so confident in it, I'll even personally run your binary in it.

When you compile your binary to run, please use the provided Dockerfile - it is the same environment as on remote.

By: sera