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Never done forensics before? No problem. Digital forensics is the branch of forensic science related to the investigation of digital data and media typically pertaining to cybercrime. We do a lot of work related to data and information theory, which includes file formats.

I took this picture a while ago, but I deliberately broke the file so that you can't view it! Muahaha! Find out where I was, what time I took that photo, and the serial number of my camera. Oh and I also left a secret in the picture for you to find.

The flag format for this challenge is irisctf{latitude_longitude_epochtime_serial_secret} . Express latitude and longitude in decimal format, truncated (not rounded) to two decimal places. Include the decimal dot. Negatives are allowed. For example, the road outside the white house, which has the coordinates 38°53'50.7"N 77°02'11.6"W, would be expressed as 38.89_-77.03 . The serial number is the product's serial number from the manufacturer, found printed on the bottom of the camera.

By: skat

When I was 18 -- 18 years old -- I saw, for the first time in my life, I saw a vision of clarity. I saw that the organizers were trolling me.

Original video: 07/27/1978

By: skat
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I have finally gotten access to the mystical Michaelcord. Unfortunately it seems like they don't fully trust me, maybe there is something I just can't see yet.

I attached a network capture from my discord, maybe you have better luck.


Joining the guild is not necessary, there is no data that can’t be found in the provided file.

By: Rph

Fred found a suspicious new script on his computer, but he doesn't remember making or downloading it! He thinks that an attacker might have left it behind by accident. We have a capture of the network traffic going to and from his computer around the suspected time of the intrusion.

Our tools and scanners couldn't detect anything. Can you?

By: skat

We tried to plant malware on the target's computer, but we can't risk getting picked up by any antimalware. The best we can do is record their microphone.


I sure do type really consistently, huh? Almost robotically.


My spacebar has such a distinct sound; everyone in my house can tell when I press it! I wish I got to use my Z key more often though. Z is my favorite letter, but sadly it's just so uncommon.

By: skat