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Reverse Engineering
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I needed to edit some documents for my homework but I don't want to buy a license to this software! Help me out pls?

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Python. Python! What is Python? Is this Python? Why does this Python look so strange? All this and more on in... the... textfield...

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There's this cool new Python obfuscator that came out recently that obfuscates Python. I made some changes to part 1 and obfuscated it. Now how will you get the flag?

Originally depends on: Meaning of Python 1

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"there's a script in my scoreboard" - woody


By scoreboard website I mean the entire scoreboard website ( ), not just the page with the leaderboard on it.

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Alien Math
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There's a transmission coming in but we can't figure out they're trying to say. They were nice enough to send us the binary they're using on their transmission, but it still doesn't make any sense. Can you help?

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Do you remember Scratch? You'll need to for this next challenge.

To input a flag, click the green flag and type in a flag. Press enter, then click Michael to check.

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Closet Computer is a strange, unfinished game that released in 2072. Many critics complained that the game was too unoptimized, and it is! Supposedly, this bad boy holds hundreds of threads in it. Why? Who knows! See if you can escape the closet!

Note: In rare cases, the program can get stuck. If it seems like it's doing nothing for a long time, just restart it.

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